Northwest Showcase

A collection of works representing Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, including various pieces as part of a private estate sale.

6 Pieces

Image Artist Title Media Dimensions Price
Rick Schanche Along Hallo Bay Oil on Canvas 16 x 20 $950
Northwest Showcase Deer Antler Family (artist Karen Olanna) Deer antler carving 21 x 12 $700
Northwest Showcase Eagle with Fish (artist Karen Olanna) Moose antler carving 31 x 20 $1,400
Northwest Showcase Ferry Benches I (artist John L. Worthey) Oil on canvas 26 x 32 $850
Northwest Showcase Popped (artist Kristen Reitz-Green) Oil on canvas 45 x 15 $850
Northwest Showcase Two Viewing the Past (artist John L. Worthey) Pastel 18 x 24 $650