Dan Homeres

Dan Homeres deals in ink and watercolors, at times combining the two. Ink primarily is a result of a long working career as a novelist having published 4 works of fiction, a chapbook of poems/photographs all of which are available at Third Street Books. With art pieces, he stumbled upon a technique of adding Bombay Inks to Maimeri and Dr. Ph. Martin's Hydrus Watercolors allowing a unique density of color on a number of painted surfaces. Friends would describe the bulk of his work as impressionism but those who know him best might candidly call him an 'opaque-ist.' He is inclined to display and support works of art in and around McMinnville, Oregon and maintains a semi-retired status with the City of McMinnville as a volunteer and former Youth and Adult Sports Manager and Manager of Dancer Park for the past 35 years. He welcomes most all discussions regarding the written word, the rewards of art pieces and his history as a public servant. He much appreciates the efforts of Ten Oaks on his behalf.

10 Pieces Available

Image Title Media Dimensions Price
@ the Gem Watercolor / Ink 15 x 11 $600
Another Angle Watercolor / Ink 10 x 8 $400
Arcos de la Frontera Watercolor / Ink 14 x 10 $700
Barcelona, Tuesday A.M. Watercolor / Ink 14 x 10 $700
Day for Night Watercolor / Ink 11 x 7 $450
Get Quiet Watercolor / Ink 10 x 8 $400
Grant, S.F. Chinatown Watercolor / Ink 12 x 19 $900
Hit the Wall Watercolor / Ink 16 x 10 $600
Introverts in Public Watercolor / Ink 10 x 8 $400
Reunion Watercolor / Ink 6 x 10 SOLD
Reversal Watercolor 9 x 7 $450